Restoration of old photographs - 1 image.

Description : Restoration of an old photograph with cracks, heels, faded, pale colours, etc. You send 1 photo. The result is delivered electronically as a file or a link to the restored file for download.

Suggestions for the source files:

The quality of the restoration very much depends on the quality of the digital copy of the photograph provided. It is advisable to scan the original photo so that there are no glare, distortion of proportions and other defects. Resolution on the scanner set 1200 pixels.

You can take a picture with a regular phone, if there is no scanner, but here you need certain skills. The main thing is that the photo is as even and light as possible. The photo should get even artificial or indirect daylight from the window. Better light from the window, if you do not have special photographic lighting devices. Usually, shooting is best done in the daytime on the windowsill, on the side where there is no direct sunlight. Make sure that there are no glare, your own shadow or the shadow of the phone. The phone must be held with a lens in the middle of the picture so as not to distort the proportions. Align it as much as possible in a plane parallel to the plane of the photo. Make sure that the photo is as full as possible on the phone screen. It is advisable to somehow fix the phone or lean so that it does not shake in the hands. Then the picture will be sharp. Try several times and select the highest quality result.

Location : Лондон, Великобритания

Time period : 24 h

Price : 5.00

Service samples: Restoration of old photographs - 1 image.