How To Use


Photo Skill is an online project for everyone who loves photography with a different level of knowledge in this field, for those who study and teach photography, for students and teachers. Exchanging knowledge in photography is our basic idea. You can do this for free or for money. All project tools are available for free.

The principle is simple. You post your photo and others rate your photo using several main characteristics used in photography. You and others can comment and discuss photo in details. You can create your circle of friends, teachers, students.


There are two types of accounts available: Full Mode and Portfolio Mode.

Full Mode - allows you to use full functionality oа the service. Your images can be rated or commented by others. Your account participates in ratings. This is default mode.

Portfolio Mode - you still can use all service functionality, but your images can’t be rated or commented by others. Your account does not participate in rating. This is useful to use just as your portfolio. You are still able to rate and comment on others. You can switch it on/off in your Profile.


You have 3 rating progress bars: RECEIVED VOTES, VOTING and PROGRESS.

RECEIVED VOTES - only you can see this rating for your one photo. Others can’t see your rating. They can only vote. You can find it on every page with your images.

VOTING - is where you and others vote for a particular photo using 6 main photographic characteristics. You do not need to vote through all of them. Feel free to stay neutral, give positive YES or if you think that it needs improvement, vote NO. Anyway, try to be objective and more positive in your judgements. You can't vote for your photos of course. You can change your mind to YES or NO, but not to neutral once voted. You can find it on every page with others images.

PROGRESS - This is your general progress through all your photos published. You see summarised number of votes, thus you see your strengths and weaknesses. You cam find it in your profile.

6 Photographic characteristics:

Art - This picture is a piece of Art. The author should use it for an exhibition, donate it to the museum, hang on the wall at home.
Composition - Look at the composition and harmony on this picture before you rate it.
Colour - It can be black and white, but still this is a choice of the author and this is colour as well. Vote clever if the colour is used cleverly.
Light - This option is not about exposure, but about the quality, direction and the way the light works to complement the picture.
Creativity - This is a different view on the objects, unusual angle, funny moment. The option is about the ability to find the unusual in the usual.
Retouching - Technical quality and retouching is not always should be perfect. Using this option think about if it's properly used with this particular picture.


The best way to know is exchanging opinions and arguments. You see NO votes but want to know more? Ask to explain, give details, exchange the knowledge and argue, but stay positive. We all learn all the time. The more you comment the more feedback and followers, the audience you have, the bigger your own community.


In Gallery, you just see the photos published by you and by others, so simple. There are nice filters that let you find any photo in a second.
In My Photos, you control your pictures, upload, delete, comment.
In Friends, you see photos of those who you added as friends, your community. There are links on photographers personal pages which allow you to Add/Remove someone to/from your friends.
In Follow, you see photos which you follow or where you left a comment. Press Follow button on the picture to follow it and see it in this category. Also, you can add photo to this category automatically, once you commented on it. You are notified when someone comments on the photo you follow. Press Unfollow to unfollow / delete this picture from this category.
In Groups, you can see images from your created groups and groups of others. Groups allows you to isolate you uploads (images) from general Gallery. They are seen only in particular group until you publish to general Gallery. Groups are useful for teachers to organise classes and for those who doesn’t want to go on public and stay within smaller group of friends. Also you may use it to organise your images in categories: food, nature, portraits, etc…

Sorting filters

You can find sorting filters below main menu in small blue letters. They help to sort and find images by certain criteria.

Recent - latest date of upload, freshest on top.
Active - recently commented images.
Followers - images of those who added you to friends.
Popular - most commented images.
Best - top rated images first.
Random - set of mages in a random order.


Search is simple. You search by name or email. As the login is connected with social network you can find your registered friends by his/her name in a social network or they can send you a link to their page on the project to find them swiftly.


You can share any picture with your friends using social networks and email. You can also share your page the same way. Use this tool to invite friends and others who's opinion is important to you. Invite them to become your friends, create your community of like-minded.

Pro (coming soon)

You can sell your knowledge if you feel others would buy it. You don’t need to be a professional and it is up to you if you decide at some point that you want to sell and earn. You sell your knowledge in written form on individual basis (P2P). You choose type of sales, set the price, time period, words limit. You do market research, you advertise your sales using our services and available tools. You can start selling by activating any of your services. Once you activated you become Pro. PRO tag appears on your avatar icon and Buy Skill option appears on your profile, so others know they can buy from you.

We have 2 types of sales:

Portfolio Review - Your customers upload series of photographs (up to 12) taken by them. Review consists of written text which describes provided portfolio as a whole using 6 main photographic characteristics: Art, Composition, Colour, Lighting, Creativity, Retouching. Also it will include recommendations at the end. At the end student gives a feedback in a dedicated form and rate the service.

Master Class - You create your class. You describe and promise a service you provide using tools built into this sale: image and file upload, task description, comments, lighting setup tool. This is entirely your responsibility to stick to description of your service, fulfil customers expectations and play the fair game. Ex.: Student is asked to take several pictures with certain task and Master gives his feedback, pointing out mistakes and tells how to do right, explains technique, lighting setup, etc. They have online discussion within minimum Master words limit or more if Master doesn’t mind. At the end student gives a feedback in a dedicated form and rate the service.